Artificial vision
for industry

Unique artificial vision solutions to reduce control costs and guarantee very high quality standards.

Artificial vision for industry

Higher quality
at lower production costs

An artificial vision system is made up of several critical components, from the sensor (camera) that captures an image for inspection, to the processing engine itself (vision device) that renders and communicates the result. For any computer vision system to work reliably and generate repeatable results, it is important to understand how these critical components interact.

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Adequate and individually configurable vision solutions ranging from the single component to the complete configuration studied in every detail.

Defect reduction
Defect reduction

Reduction of defective parts placed on the market, resulting in less customer dissatisfaction and increased reputation of your brand.

Increased production yield
Increased production yield

Reduce downtime by detecting product routing errors that can cause system outages.

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Market annual growth
Reduction of production times
Checks per second