Built-in Liquid Focusing /Optimized for 12MP 1.1"
Wide Angle Fixed Focal Length Lens

  • Focus: Able to adjust focus from 150mm to infinity
  • Optional: *Liquid focusing lens driver and cables are optional products
  • Support: 1.1”, 3.45μm resolution
  • Sensor: Large Angle of view with 1.1"


CAB-6-100 / Optotune
- 1m Cable
EL-E-4i / Optotune
- Liquid focusing lens driver (USB type)
TR-CL180 / Gardasoft
- Liquid focusing lens driver (RS232・Ethernet type)

Best for applications where the object distance changes greatly and frequently.

Variant code Aperture Dimensions Focal Length mm Mount Optical Power Sensor Size (max.) Wavelength WD (mm) Pdf Spec
VS-FT12HV F 2.8~F16 Φ47(max.)×L=64mm 12 C-Mount -2 dpt ~ +2.5 dpt 1.1" Visible ∞ (-2dpt) ~ 150mm (+2.5dpt)

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