VS-H-IRC Series

IR-Corrected Compact Design Fixed Focal Length Lens. Chromatic Aberration Correction When Switching Visible ⇌ Near Infrared

  • Applications: Supports a wide range of applications from FA to ITS to minimize focus shift from visible to IR range
  • Design: Small housing and lightweight with compact design
  • Support: 2/3"・8MP・2.74μm
  • Resolution: High resolution in both ∞ range and close-up
Variant code Dimensions FNO Focal Length mm Max Sensor M.O.D(mm) Mount Design Wavelength Weight Pdf Spec
VS-H1620-IRC φ35 x 42.5 F2.0 ~ F16 16mm 2/3" 500 C-Mount 400 - 950nm 96g
VS-H2520-IRC φ35 x 45 F2.0 ~ F16 25mm 2/3" 500 C-mount 400 - 950nm 100g
VS-H3520-IRC φ35 x 47.5 F2.0 ~ F16 35mm 2/3" 500 C-Mount 400 - 950nm 106g

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