VS-H-IRC/11 Series

Supports 20MP, 1.1", 2.74um and 4K resolution
IR-Corrected to minimize focus shift from visible to NIR

  • Focus Shift: Minimize focus shift from visible to NIR
  • IR: IR-Corrected
  • Models available: f12mm/f16mm/f25mm, 3 models
  • Support: 1.1", 12MP and 3.45μm resolution support
  • Resolution: 4K
Variant code Angle of view(VxH) Floating FNO Focal Length mm Mount Sensor Size (max.) WD (mm) Pdf Spec
VS-H1218-IRC/11 46.3x61.4 O 1.8~(C) 12 C-Mount 1.1" 300~∞
VS-H1618-IRC/11 35.6x48.3 O 1.8~(C) 16 C-Mount 1.1" 300~∞
VS-H2518-IRC/11 23.2x31.6 O 1.8~(C) 25 C-mount 1.1" 300~∞
VS-H5024-IRC/11 12.4x16.4 - 2.4~(C) 50 C-Mount 1.1" 300~∞

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