SC7000 Series

SC7000 Smart Camera

SC7000 combines deep learning algorithms and smart camera integrated design together, and has the characteristics of high integration and high performance.This smart camera sets a new standard for the ease of use and integration of visual inspection.

  • Function: All the basic functions have been integrated into the SC7000 compact body, and one machine can complete all the tasks of visual inspection.
  • Interface: The optimized interactive interface is easy to use and greatly reduces the cost of learning.
  • Support: Supports multiple communication protocols, including Serial Port, TCP, UDP, FTP, Profinet, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, etc.
  • Sensor: CMOS, global shutter
  • Algorithm: Adopts built-in positioning and measurement algorithms to detect object’s existence, count patterns and spots, etc.

High-performance Deep Learning Algorithm

SC7000 smart camera adopts self-developed deep learning algorithm from HIKROBOT, and the training environment is compatible with 3C electronics, metal, plastic, textile, photovoltaic, packaging and other industry products. It can provide sufficient support for detection, classification, and recognition in complex environments. The computing power of the built-in high-performance deep learning platform can reach the desktop graphics card level, easily realizes high-speed deep learning detection.

Codice variante Focal Length mm Max. Frame Rate (fps) Mono-Color Resolution (px) Spec User Manual
MV-SC7016M-12S-WBN 12 mm (0.5") 60 fps Mono 1440 × 1080
MV-SC7016M-15S-WBN 15 mm (0.6") 60 fps Mono 1440 × 1080
MV-SC7016C-12S-WBN 12 mm (0.5") 60 fps Color 1440 × 1080
MV-SC7016C-15S-WBN 15 mm (0.6") 60 fps Color 1440 × 1080
MV-SC7060M-12S-WBN 12 mm (0.5") 30 fps Mono 3072 × 2048
MV-SC7060M-00C-NNN - 30 fps Mono 3072 × 2048

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