VLC Series (multi-channels)

Multi Channels LED Light Controller

  • Available: Strobe mode is available (not over-drive).
  • CH: 4CH / up to 30W.
  • Compliant: RoHS compliant.
  • Control: External control is available via RS232C (compliant).
  • Design: Compact design.
  • Models Available: 2 models for 24V and 12V.

ON/OFF Control

TRIG. SW H Mode:
Signal H (5-24V) ON / L (0V) OFF.
TRG. SW L Mode: Signal H(5-24V) OFF / L (0V) ON.

Strobe Control

NOR; The light are always ON.
STR: Strobe control (10 mode / 60us, 110us, 160us, 270us, 820us, 1.4ms, 6ms, 14ms, 28ms, 60ms).

Codice variante External Control Input Voltage Intensity Control Output Pdf Spec
VLC-2430-4 Refer operation manual (download spec) DC24V / 1.5A PWM 100KHz 4CH / max. 30W
VLC-1230-4 Refer operation manual (download spec) DC12V / 2.8A PWM 100KHz 4CH / max. 30W

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